Why Hello.


I’m Brooke.

Let’s just say my last name is Howell.

Because that’s my dad’s last name. Dan Howell. I’m his adopted child.

Well, not really. But let’s just pretend I am.

Anyway, that’s one thing you’ll need to know about me. I refer to people I’ve never met as my family.

I have roughly 7 self proclaimed dads. (Phil, Dan, Ty, Josh, Brenden, David, Damon, ect.)

Yeah, so I love people form online. *parents screaming in the distance*
They’re all me friends!

And I hope you can be too!

So, yeah. I fangirl.

I also sing. But that’s definitely not going to be something I share.

I also draw. Maybe I’ll post some shitty art 🙂

anyway, that’s all for now.

see ya tomorrow maybe? byeeee



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